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The web slackline podcast is our podcast

The driving force behind our motivation in establishing The Web was to create an opportunity for every member of the global slackline community to share stories and experiences through locally produced/homegrown slackline-audio.

How do I start? Reach into your pocket. Today's smartphones feature microphones and recording applications (Voice Memos on iPhone, Sound Recorder on Android) that far exceed even a baseline for what is necessary to capture high quality audio for podcasts. In fact, Episode 1 and Episode 3 of The Web, featuring remote conversations between Colorodo, DC, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska, were recorded with these two apps on iOS and Android devices...except for Mark's audio (basic vocal mic plugged into USB soundcard)....the overall conversation mixed together sounds pretty clean right???

Our phones can serve as the go-to device for capturing audio at the crag or park. They are also great for recording more intimate monologues or conversations. For best results when attempting to capture solo-voice or conversation, where you do not intend for your surrounding environment to be part of the production, make sure you're in a quiet place, set your device to 'Airplane Mode', remove the case, and place it close to you on a pillow.

For a conversation between two or more individuals, we highly recommend that each individual record their side of the conversation speaking into their own device. No worries that you're just a foot or two away from one another....we want to hear each participant in the conversation equally loud and clear.  If we are crossing the t's and dotting the i's on the conversation/production for you, upload the separate files to our or Google Drive accounts and we'll mix it all together.

There is an entire spectrum regarding how much production work you care to put into the content you submit. You can send us the raw audio of an epic day at the crag or a complete podcast episode...all buttoned up and ready to publish.

Here are the tools we utilize in creating our content. We are amatures. Let's grow this thing together.

Voice Memos on iPhone, Sound Recorder on Android: Here is a sample collected using an iphone 6 in an otterbox case...about 5 feet away from 3 individuals having a quiet outdoor conversation.

Basic PC/MAC Digital Audio Workstation: I have really enjoyed the functionalities offered by REAPER (free 60 day trial).  Garage band is also a great option. - The Web started with little to no background in audio production.  This website was extremely helpful.

NPR Training: We still have a lot to study on this site.

Snagit: We used the free trial to record our Skype / Google Hangouts calls.  We ultimately never used this audio in the podcasts...but it provided a great reference when trying to sync up the multiple audio tracks uploaded to our / Google drive folders from various participants in the conversation. and Google DriveWe recorded a many audio samples on many different phones, computers, and digital recorders.  Each individual uploaded their files to one of these cloud accounts to be mixed into the podcast.